We spend years trying to figure life out. Life cannot be figured out. It has to be lived.

Diana is a multiple trauma survivor, author, professional freelancer, idea brewer, and problem solver. She has an innate gift to connect people with solutions, and loves to help others take control of their lives and achieve happiness and success. She has been advocating for special needs in Florida for more than 20 years. She holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Miami, and master's degrees in Education and Law from Nova Southeastern University. As a side gig, she designs beautiful websites, and continues to learn, using her knowledge to help others achieve their goals. 

The Background Story

She was diagnosed with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) more than 25 years ago when it was known as DESNOS. After multiple life-altering traumatic experiences as a child and as an adult, she earned several professional degrees and certificates, which she uses to write about her experiences, lessons learned, and tips and tricks learned through the journey from healing from complex PTSD, including three self-help books, available on Amazon.

She began writing after a high conflict and damaging divorce in 2015. Before that, she had this crazy dream to one day become an advocate for disability rights and despite the challenging journey, she finally made it. She is the author of three self-help books, "The Fundamentals of PTSD Stress: A Guide to Disemboweling the Disorder and Reclaiming Your Life," "The PTSD Warrior Healing Mindset: Changes in Habits and Routines to Help Retrain The Brain After Trauma," and "PTSD and Relationships: A Survival Guide to Love and Be Loved."

It was difficult to realize that she was not at all happy with her life. While she lived a financially privileged life, it was very restrictive,  didn't have a solid support system, and eventually became disconnected from it all. She felt as if life was passing her by, she wanted to help others, but she could not do it while living someone else's version of life.

After spending three years compiling information to create a guide/program for people with PTSD to learn how to regain control of their lives, she quickly realized how much she could help others achieve happiness and control, and embarked on the daunting task of creating an 8 module online guide focused on PTSD and the stress it imposes on life.