Hi, my name is Diana Giorgetti, and this is me coming out of an underwater cave in North Florida, after fulfilling a lifelong dream of cave diving.

I had always wanted to cave dive, but the sport demands attention to detail and relaxation, which don’t usually play well with symptoms associated with  a complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) diagnosis.

Well, if you’re a PTSD sufferer who is not in full control of your life, let me give you some of the most valuable advice that I could ever share as someone who has battled and conquered this debilitating disorder and fulfilled her dreams.

You see, there’s one primary difference between people who are managing their PTSD symptoms, and and those who are living productive and fulfilling lives.


I’ll show you how people with PTSD can live happy, fulfilled, and successful lives by expanding their options beyond traditional therapy or medications.

If you want to learn effective ways to stop PTSD from ruling your life, then this is the most important message you’ll read, here’s why:

I've Spent Effectively My Whole Life Battling PTSD

I know - better than most - the daily struggle that dealing with PTSD symptoms can be.

From prolonged trauma to events through my adult life, I’ve been a victim of others and of myself.

Even after years of the best available therapy, retraining techniques, and treatment I still wrestle with the painful remnants that a PTSD diagnosis can do to disrupt your life.

I’ve had to deal with all of PTSD’s symptoms, and then some. But I'm still here, and so are you, and if you’re reading this is because it makes sense, and you know that you are bigger than a four letter acronym, but you’re missing a step to get there.

The good thing is that we can help each other, and we can help others.

I still remember the full force of my terror the first time I had to open up to my therapist. It took years to talk about my severe trauma, and many more to manage the symptoms.

It was a painful, expensive, and gradual process that took all of me to get through and succeed.

I know what the force within feels like, and how talking about it can lead to stigma.

I know what it’s like to have your partner, friends, children, or therapist misread you because they don’t understand PTSD in practice, just in theory.

Dealing with it on your own from a patient or victim standpoint is never enough.

Forcing your loved ones to endure your symptoms without solutions is unacceptable.


I have personally helped people shift their lives into balanced and controlled, becoming better parents, partners, and community members.

What I have lived through, learned, and have been able to implement changed my life, and allowed me to reach my biggest potential, which PTSD tried to trump.

I refused to let PTSD win, or become one more statistic; I can help you do the same.

If you believe in yourself, you must rise above the acronyms and win, because it works.

It’s rewarding to see others benefit from knowledge that took me so much effort, time, and money to achieve. It is empowering to give PTSD symptoms a good kick in the butt and move on with your life as it was meant to before the events.

But to do this you have to rise above your symptoms, like I did and like others have. You can do it too.

But You Want To Know Something?

Just a few years ago I couldn't function if my life depended on it. I was easily irritable, anxious, and always preoccupied with safety.

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get myself to be productive or function well enough.

I had access to the best care money could buy, but no real support system. I woke up every day trying to 'calm my demons' long enough to function.

I have spent tens of thousands of dollar in therapeutic approaches that taught me background knowledge, but yielded no lifelong actionable results to live a managed life.

Despite all the mental and behavioral progress, it was as if something was missing.

I felt like an outsider wherever I went because everything required mental efforts and energy, and by the end of the day I was exhausted.

I came to think that I had no more fight left in me. I had no on to confide in about my daily struggles: I needed a solution.

But there was too much stigma around the disorder, and talking about it seemed impossible.

In truth, I had pretty much given up on having stability and balance, and living the life I knew I could.

Then one day it dawned on me...

In Order To Achieve Stability And Balance, I Needed A Solid Daily Support System That Understands Me

Everybody had an opinion and perception of how my life should be or how I should behave, but the life of a person with PTSD cannot be planned by others, it must be carved by us:


You might feel disastrous on the surface, but damage is not permanent, and brain changes can be reversed.

The therapist knows the theory and prescribes the medicines, but PTSD has to be felt to be understood.

Your therapist, partner, boss, coworkers, or children (especially if they're young) won't fully get it.

Not many people understand what it is like to raise children while battling PTSD's symptoms, but I do, we do.

Not many people know how PTSD affects relationships and intimacy. But I do, we do.

Not many people understand why we sit facing the front door when we’re at a restaurant. But I do, we do.

Not many people wake up needing to slay brain demons. But I do, we do.

For us, this is our reality, it's our life, and we can be here for each other, without stigmatization, frustrations, rejections, name calling, finger pointing, or filtering.

That Is What The PTSD Forum Is All About, It Is About You, And Together We Are Going To Get You Better

It's time for you to BEAT PTSD and get on with your life.

Over the years, what helped me more than expensive therapy, medicines, or any other approach was


People like me - like you - that allowed me to share what I was going through without fear of judgment or rejection, or without worrying that they will try to ’fix’ me. They were willing to help and get better, and believed they could make a difference.

This isn't about 'support groups' where everybody just goes around feeling sorry for each other, or therapy sessions where you pay hundreds of dollars and hour to hear everything you're saying turned around into something that may make you feel good but doesn't have a lasting effect.

We all have ways of seeing the world, but through our PTSD lens we often get lost in feeling like a victim, or get stuck on feelings of helplessness that don't allow us to step outside of ourselves and see the big picture, and with the tunnel vision PTSD gives you, the big picture is passing you by.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

I Have Always Had The Ability To Help Other People With Their Problems

That's where you come in, and we help each other.

It's about helping you stop wallowing in your excuses about our symptoms.

It's about offering daily/weekly productive solutions.

Whatever happened, whatever makes you feel the way you do, there is something you can do to turn it around, and turn your pain into progress and survival skills every day.

Together we will deal with:

And many other PTSD symptoms that affect your daily life just like they did to mine.

Now, I’m not recommending that you quit your therapy or go cold-turkey on any medications you’re on, that’s unwise, dangerous, and irresponsible.

To learn how to manage underlying issues, you need to understand how your PTSD affects your own behavior and then shift your life with the power of knowledge and the support of community.

You're here because you know there's another way, or what you're doing is not enough.

I am here because I needed more than just the prescribed solutions. As a mother, partner, and community member, I needed to find a way to achieve my fullest potential.

You could stick to what you're already doing, but if you're reading this we both know that you're not happy with how it's currently working out because your life is in disarray.

You could find a support group where you live, or spend decades seeking therapy, or managing your symptoms with medications, but never learn actual skills you can implement to make changes because, after all, PTSD requires daily attention, and not everyone can afford a therapist on call.

You could stay where you are, with the same things, and do nothing, or you could give this PTSD community a try:

No hundreds of dollars per hour counseling sessions.

No driving to support groups.

No thousands of dollars trying to figure out which medicines can offer you better support and control.

No trying to get your partner, children, boss, or coworkers to understand how you function.

No waiting days or weeks for your next appointment to address a pressing issue that’s eating you inside, every minute, threatening to explode out of you until you get help.

The PTSD Forum Is The “Missing Link” Needed To Make Sense Of Living With This Debilitating Problem On Your Own, Supported Only By Others Who Can't Feel Your Pain.

Each week I’ll be taking my own skills and knowledge, separating the wheat from the chaff, and turning that towards the most pressing issues of the group, like deconstructing your bullshit excuses and reformulating them in a way that allows you to take action instead of living like a victim.

The funny thing is that when you’re among people who have lived what you have lived, and have experienced the same, and are willing to help, your anxiety is reduced.

When people want to see you succeed, progress just falls naturally into place.

It’s easier than sitting in front of a therapist who has no personal experience.

And my fellow PTSD warrior, when you join this PTSD community you'll go from a fighter who must slay and control demons and dragons daily to survive, to a person who is in control and headed to living a better life, hopefully with a desire to help others.

That’s The Power Of Community, That’s The Value Of Experience, That’s The Purpose Of This Program
Together we can learn, implement, and positively impact our decision making, and together we will reshape the factors that affect you and don't allow you to live a fulfilling life.

That's my plan, I hope that's yours too. Community via this forum is the missing link for people with PTSD to start the lives they deserve.

Anyway, having a community of people who share your troubles, and who are willing to help you through yours is the best support, easier, and cheaper than you think, and allows you to help yourself while helping others.

I have dozens of techniques and coping mechanisms (like the forum) that I’ve been using for years, like

Finding personal grounding techniques when the flashbacks intrude while you’re at work, dinner, or a movie

The right way to deal with the coexisting issues that come with having PTSD, without getting ostracized by your friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors

Where to find free local resources to compliment your everyday life

Effective methods to build a solid support system that enhances your healing

And while I can’t tell you all the benefits and secrets of achieving a fulfilling and profitable life while battling PTSD in a letter, you can access it all via the forum.

A closed, private, members only Facebook community of like minded individuals who want to shift their world, fulfill their lives, and help others.

This is the secret weapon of many of today's successful people who struggle daily with PTSD, it contains all the elements to help transform you into a strong, resilient, successful, full of life person.

I originally thought of the forum when I first started maximizing from the benefits of community, so I put my entire life, trauma, experiences, and therapeutic approaches into one convenient location where I could easily help others.

This approach has since helped the lives of many people who are suffering with PTSD in all walks of life, including people who struggled just to live their home, like me, mothers, fathers, and business owners.

But you won’t find this type of help and resources in bookstores or at your local mental health center, and you certainly couldn’t get this level of help and support from your therapist without crossing ethical lines.

Until a couple of years ago, this forum was available only to my personal support system, but if I hear from you today, you’ll have the opportunity to instantly join and access this powerful group.

More on that in a bit, but first, here’s a little of what you will discover in this group:

  • Being able to implement learned skills with the support of others made the journey bearable, even enjoyable.
  • Others saw the positive impact that being part of the support group had on me, my life, control, and behavior, and wanted to be part of it.
  • Imagine how much more productive you can be once you can control the nuances PTSD tries to insert in your daily routine to screw your day up, and you can, if you believe you can, and learn how to turn your fears into skills.
  • Just picture looking in the mirror and seeing the new warrior in you, unafraid.
  • Imagine a day without the disruptive effects of PTSD
  • Picture being able to concentrate on raising your kids and making money, by working on being a more controlled, aware, and positively supported person.

By now you should clearly see just how life-changing it will be for you to make it through a whole week without having every little stimulus turn into a negative event with the capacity to collapse your world.

I’ve received emails from people saying they've experienced amazing changes in their lives thanks to my willingness to be blunt and straight, and how much they love to have real coping mechanisms and skills that are useful for the rest of their lives, skills nobody can ever take from them because they are timeless in their essence and ability to help.

They did it. I did it. You can achieve this too. Community is the secret…

Join the forum and before you know it you’ll start noticing fundamental changes in your life.

By now you’re probably asking yourself, why join? Well the answer is simple:

This is the only channel that produced permanent changes for me and others to live fulfilling, productive, and profitable lives.

The only real daily unfiltered support to fundamentally shift our lives in a positive manner.


I have helped many frustrated and ready to give up folks, just like you, finally learn skills that translate into real life changes, all while building a community of like-minded warriors who refuse to let an acronym dictate and rule their lives.

The PTSD forum will help you understand that symptoms associated with PTSD don’t have to control your life, you can regulate them.

This PTSD program is the fastest and most successful way to learn real-life/real-time proven skills used daily by others like you, to implement and see the changes and benefits of being part of this community.

If You’re Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired, Crushing PTSD is The Answer

You don’t have to do it alone. Here’s just a small look at what you’ll achieve with this group:

  • 1

    HERE & NOW

    Focus on the “here and now” without wasting time on procrastinating all day.

  • 2


    Integrate previously learned therapeutic skills to block/eliminate flawed processes that alter your day.

  • 3


    The best channel to diminish or extinguish anxiety associated with your trigger stimuli.

  • 4


    Solid support that decreases anxiety that leads to reduced urges to escape/avoid life, instead of enjoying and living it.

  • 5


    Use the active collaboration of the group to reduce your reaction to stimuli.

  • 6


    Development of better adaptive behaviors to help you respond and restructure faulty beliefs, and identify current anxiety triggers.

  • 7


    Enhance your life with imagery, mindfulness, and the great outdoors.

  • 8


    Assess your coping strategies to ensure they are serving as the proper vehicle to swiftly transport you through increasingly difficult situations.

I have recently put all this helpful information into easy to follow actions via the community and members only website.

This community is the “secret weapon” of today’s functional PTSD sufferers and it contains the exact “blueprint” I used to transform my failing, dysfunctional, crippled, money sucking disorder and life into a workable plan for anyone to follow.

This type of forum has helped transform the lives of others with PTSD, including people who lost their jobs do to their inability to handle PTSD’s symptoms.

But you cannot find this type of help in regular support groups, and until a couple of years ago, this forum was only available to my personal support system.

However, if I hear from you today, you’ll have the opportunity to join and access the forum immediately!

I’m not done trying to convince you that joining this forum is the best thing you’ll ever do to battle the symptoms associated with PTSD and how they don’t want to let you live your life.

Now you can partner up with me and use the exact techniques and training tools I use to master my day like a pro every single day

Plus 100% percent of the system is online and ready to use, loaded with valuable resources you can’t find anywhere.

People used to pay $75 dollars a month to access the support group, and it would cost you over $100,000 (in top therapy and retraining), and many headaches to develop it on your own.

If I hear from you today... you can join the PTSD community for 14 days, and receive the bonuses above for only $1.

If you’re blown away by what you learn and the support…You receive from me and the community, you can continue the journey for only $27 a month.

Why price this package so low? It’ simple…When you get a taste of the power of community for PTSD sufferers, you’ll understand that it is the missing link to live a more controlled and enjoyable life.

And if that's the case, we'll both be getting a great deal in the long run, all while helping others.

If you decide for any reason that being part of this community is not for you…Just email me anytime within the first 30 days after purchase for a full refund, and you’ll never be charged again.

With a full 30 day money back guarantee, there’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

So, go ahead, click the red button below and join the best community of people with PTSD who want to rock at life to order with your credit card on the 100% secure server, simply click on the red link below that says “I’m Ready to Crush PTSD Today.” 

Remember, you risk nothing. In fact, with this super awesome guarantee there’s simply no way you can lose.

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself: Diana, why make such an insane offer by practically giving this away?

Well that’s a great question and the answer is because I have a bigger vision. You see...

I want to get 20 new case studies and testimonials, and I’m also on a mission to help 100 new PTSD sufferers this year, to be able to organize the first ever conference for PTSD sufferers who want to take control of their lives.

With the 30 day money back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose by saying “I’m Ready to BEAT PTSD.”

If you don’t do anything about your PTSD related symptoms and how they affect your daily functioning, you will continue to be irritable, unstable, and unable to function properly, miserable and you'll life will continue to suck.

Remember, you are completely covered by the 100% risk free money back guarantee.

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by deciding to take action and claiming your bonuses now and joining the PTSD community.


Click the big red button below and, I’ll see you on the other side...