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The world is an information super-highway, and we are here to be your copilot, guiding through the vast amounts of products, tools, and services to help you make the right decision for your business growth needs.

Start-up (Business) Packages

We know (first-hand) how difficult and stressful it can be to start a new business venture. From registering your business to creating a Standards Operating Procedure Manual (SOP), to designing a website and professional email accounts for your team, we understand the stress. We offer full administrative services for any business regardless of industry, and we have "start-up" packages for new businesses looking to get organized and have a solid online presence. LEARN MORE.

Full Web Services

Are you looking to create a brand new website or sell products or services through an e-Commerce shop? We can help you decide the best option for your  specific needs and industry, and ensure you choose the best possible option while remaining fully compliant, industry specific website. LEARN MORE.

Professional Accounts and Social Media

Does your business have a LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or other industry pertinent social media account? Do you have your business social media accounts and content set to maximize your online presence and help you grow? We can help you help "socially" organized while keeping industry specific focus. LEARN MORE.

Media Packages

Want professional film or photography created for your website and marketing needs? We partner with some of the best media professionals in the industry who have created magic for giants such as National Geographic, Discovery, History Channel, News Media Outlets, and many more. LEARN MORE.

Film Production

Our film production partners have worked around the world to produce amazing, breath-taking content. From filming for Shark Week episodes, to documentaries for the History Channel and National Geographic, our team is ready to create a diverse body of work for your needs, and we specialize in underwater film-production with access to the top professional divers in the world. LEARN MORE.

IT Services and Solutions

Our IT Service and Solutions partners are geniuses at helping small business owners maximize their potential. They offer a full-spectrum of IT solutions and are always up to date with the latest developments in technology to offer product support, services, and industry specific network solutions. Not sure about your IT needs? We can help you figure it out. LEARN MORE.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Leticia Carminero-Rayo
Leticia Carminero-Rayo
11. March, 2023.
When Ms. D asked if we would mind writing a review, Mark and I jumped at the opportunity. The services provided, her continued help and support, and her immense dedication to her clients have changed, in the most positive manner the way we run our business and we have not only had financial growth, but the 'systems' she helped implement helped our employees work smoothly and efficiently (and they are all happy!). If you are looking for ANY small business support services, we highly recommend Diana and her team, they go far and beyond your small business needs, and she is crazy affordable!!! We love you Ms. D! From the AJR Team with Love!
Judith Richard
Judith Richard
14. December, 2022.
Diana is amazing! She goes above and beyond every time. Thank you Diana
Kim Bonomo
Kim Bonomo
14. December, 2022.
I would like to recommend Diana Giorgetti's services. She has been handling our account for 5 years and has shown us nothing but professionalism and efficiency. I am also impressed with her attention to security for all of our social media. Kim Bonomo Save Our Sisters
Cruise Control Custom Upholstery
Cruise Control Custom Upholstery
10. November, 2022.
Diana’s acute awareness of business development has been instrumental in the behind-the-scenes growth for my company. Her reliability and responsiveness have proved to be some of her greatest characteristics. Diana is diligent in her quest to help create a seamless operation, from developing our SOP (standard operating procedure) to creating managed client agreements. No stone is left unturned. I consider her a valuable asset to my team and highly recommend her services.
Gabriel Vegan
Gabriel Vegan
22. September, 2022.
Extremely professional, friendly and informative. Took the time to go over the process step by step to help us understand how to edit our site and setup another if we chose to. Great at managing and teaching how to manage the site as well as contacted us if there were any important issues or a update that was necessary. Always ask before making any changes to make sure we understood and approved of the changes beforehand. Highly recommend her. 🙂
Cruise Control Yacht Services
Cruise Control Yacht Services
14. July, 2022.
Diana is a consummate professional with a genuine desire to help her clients. She's a pragmatic problem solver and a patient one at that! Diana is very generous with her knowledge which encompasses a lot more than web design. Her unique insight into growing businesses has proved to be invaluable to my team. I highly recommend Diana!
David Golubev
David Golubev
24. June, 2022.
extremely talented individual. It's always a pleasure and amazement how quickly projects are accomplished. Some people only have 24 hours in A-day and others have more than 48 hours in the same day. Diana is one of those individuals that goes above and beyond.
Info Account
Info Account
4. June, 2022.
It is a distinct pleasure for me to recommend Diana and her team to anyone looking for web services and a plan of action for business growth. They have been professional, comprehensive and competent throughout the process of our working together, and we will be utilizing their services for years to come. Our clients' reactions to our new website, flyers, and business cards has been overwhelmingly positive and we even referred some of them to Diana and her team for document drafting services. Don't miss out.
Oscar Reyes
Oscar Reyes
2. June, 2022.
Really happy with the work they did on my website and the support provided after. Diana took the time to explain (in plain terms) what worked for my needs and just what I needed, and actually helped me save money on stuff I was overpaying. He made awesome flyers for my tutoring business, and really cool business cards for my Unity coding work. I HIGHLY recommend her and her team. They are the real deal and they not only do web and other work, but also help you figure out ways to grow your business.
Alexander McCarty
Alexander McCarty
26. May, 2022.
Diana is always happy to help. She’s a master of her craft, has an easygoing personality and is happy to teach me many handy tricks and tips. Can’t recommend her as a website designer enough ☺️

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Full Web and Office Services

Carefully Catered to Your Industry

Domain Selection, Purchase, and Configuration
Landing Pages
Sales Pages
WordPress Website Design
eCommerce (WordPress) Website Design
Logo Design
Professional Presentations
Social Media Posts
Office Stationary
Book & Magazine Covers
Much more!!!

Professional Accounts and Social Media Services

LinkedIn Professional & Business Accounts
Facebook Profiles and Business Pages (with Facebook Shop)
Instagram Accounts
Industry Specific Professional and Business Accounts

Professional Media Packages

Media Kits for website, publication, advertising, press, or marketing, including images, short videos, full-length videos, interviews, etc.
Promotional videos.
We specialize in underwater photography
* Our professional media partners are often traveling around the world creating magic for clients, please be sure to include your geographic service location to better assist you.

Film Production

Short and Long Film Production
Underwater Film Production (With Access to Professional Technical Divers Globally)
Documentary Production.

Full IT Services & Solutions

Server Maintenance
Computer Maintenance
Updates & Support
Data Recovery
Virus Protection
Backup Solutions
Network Cabling
VOIP Telephone Systems
Surveillance Systems

Legal Document Drafting

Simple Contracts
Terms and Conditions (Business Services and Websites)
Industry Specific Privacy Policies
Refunds and Returns Policies and Procedures

Start-up (Business) Packages

Domain purchase and configuration
Hosting plan purchase and configuration
WordPress website design and configuration
Business email configuration
Social media setup and configuration
Logo and business card design