With the right guidance, support, and information,

you can learn to manage symptoms associated with Post-traumatic stress disorder (pTSD).

Discover a healthier, happier you

gain control!

The primary difference between people who are barely managing the symptoms associated with PTSD, narrowly getting by each day with the help of one or several biological medicines and [maybe] therapy, and those who succeed at healing permanently from the disorder, able to live fulfilling lives, is rooted in knowledge and control. Those touched by PTSD must first understand the disorder, and then learn what needs to be personally addressed in order to take control of the symptoms and reclaim their lives. With PTSD, there isn't a one size fits all system. You need a customized approach and system that works for you.

The Fundamentals of PTSD Stress

A Guide to Disemboweling the Disorder and Reclaiming Your Life

PTSD & Relationships

A Survival Guide to Love and Be Loved

The PTSD Warrior Healing Mindset

Changes in Habits and Routines to Help Retrain the Brain After Trauma


As an advanced trained technical scuba diver, I promote the sport as an alternative method of relaxation, life-skill building, and gaining control for people suffering from anxiety-based disorders such as PTSD. Looking for an instructor?  I have access to some of the top scuba diving instructors, globally. Let me know when you are ready to take the dip!

a new way to think about anxiety

knowledge gives you incredible power.

 take control of your healing.